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Ferrero has come a long way from the small rooms of the first factory in downtown Alba, Italy – the place where everything started in 1946. With a truly progressive, increasingly global outlook and much-loved brands such as Nutella®, Tic Tac®, Ferrero Rocher®, and Surprise®, today Ferrero products are sold in more than 170 countries. They are part of the collective memory and traditions of consumers all around the world, where they are loved by generations, and internationally recognized as cultural icons. What is the secret to our global success? Nearly 40,000 people across 55 countries, all dedicated to delivering the care and quality needed to craft a business, careers and brands we are proud of.

From the moment you join us, we make sure you get all the opportunities you need to learn, develop and grow. Whatever support you’re looking for, you’ll find it here: just as with our products, that we craft with imagination and precision, using only the finest and freshest ingredients, we care for the long term interests of our people with the same commitment, encouraging them to make the most of every opportunity. Every success we accomplish, we accomplish it together.

Ferrero has social responsibility in its DNA. Our dedication to quality and excellence, our heritage and family values, our respect for the environment and the communities in which we work and product freshness and high quality: all of these contribute to Ferrero’s success. Be part of the world of Ferrero you know and love

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