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Let’s face it, we don’t really need most of the stuff we own! We have a lot of things that we can’t bear to throw away or give away in case we need them one day. We forget that true happiness is not in having too many things, but having the right things. In fact, the item is just a tool; What matters is the experience that the item gives us. The guitar you haven’t used for years can be a source for the holiday you’ve been dreaming of. The treadmill that you throw aside and turn into a clothes hanger can help someone else reach their goal. So what are you waiting for? Make room for yourself and life with less stuff!


Lots of new ads are uploaded around you every day. Thanks to letgo’s location-based search feature, you can easily catch these opportunities and reach your dream product faster!


The safety of millions of users who use letgo and providing them with a safe shopping experience is our priority. That’s why, thanks to features such as user reviews, in-app chat, and verified users, you can communicate without giving your phone to anyone; You can easily see who you are communicating with and other users’ comments.


While we were throwing away the things that we did not use until a few years ago and leaving them to deteriorate, today we have become contributing to both the home and the country’s economy by selling them easily. At letgo, we want to create a sustainable future where nothing is thrown away without use. Come on, take action, and support us in this matter!

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