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Sevinç Educational Institutions has been continuing its existence in the education sector since 1986 with its quality, innovative and contemporary education approach.
Our Educational Philosophy and Purpose
Humanistic and scientific values ​​are prioritized in the education at Sevinç College. It is aimed that our students will grow up to be happy and good people with values. As a result of the education offered with the education approach and methods of the 21st century, it is aimed that our students will graduate as well-equipped, successful, social, cultural, young entrepreneurial leaders who will make a difference in their environment and have a say in the development of our country. Based on this philosophy, all physical conditions have been provided in our schools, necessary equipment and advanced technological infrastructure have been created in order for education to take place in the most comfortable and fastest way. The primary goal of the education given by our teachers who are experts in their fields, experienced and strong communicators, is to discover, develop and direct the potential of our students, to “teach learning” to the students, to guide them throughout their education and to ensure that they are academically equipped, to teach foreign students from an early age. to enable them to use their language effectively, to enable them to be socially and culturally active and versatile.

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