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About Company

Our Goals

A good education is the most basic structure that ensures a good future. We aimed to give the right to education, which is the fundamental right of the citizens of our country, with highly innovative approaches. We have aligned education with new developments in technology. Our aim is to raise individuals who can think independently, have high self-confidence, can think freely, think creatively, are principled, self-confident, courageous, and have strong communication skills.

Our vision

As Private Elma Schools, it is to be among the institutions that adhere to Atatürk’s principles and reforms, carry out education and training with a modern infrastructure at universal standards, highlight the human factor in line with the main objectives of the National Education, and are shown as an example in our country. To be an institution that trains the leaders of the future in the fields of sports, art, science and technology, acts with the idea of ​​continuous development, and has international success.

Our Mission

Our individuals are provided with an education-teaching environment that enables them to grow up in line with their knowledge, skills and abilities. Private Elma Schools were established to develop the individual in terms of knowledge and skills, to implement the programs prepared considering all the needs of the individual, to ensure the formation of permanent and effective learning during the education, and to raise quality individuals for their homeland, nation and other world countries.

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