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Nowadays gaming has become a very popular hobby for most youth, a global market for a bunch of companies and teams and an opportunity for gamer while enjoy playing games, make a good income for themselves.

Now we are here to develop and introduce this global market as a serious industry, an interesting activity and a career for gamer all around the world. As the gaming industry is enhancing step by step in alternative countries, in soon future this industry is going wider . undoubtedly, already gaming industry has become one of the biggest sources that is competing with other businesses.

Particularly these days due to COVID virus, statistics show that millions of youth around the world turn to play game, have fun, become a gamer and have income.

Here we are going to explain ourselves clearly and show the visible improvement since we have commenced working strongly with a team that includes many staff, international specialists, professional graphic team in different countries, talented gamer and streamers.

LIDOMA Esport team has started its activity just for some months and with its own expenses has been growing with the newest video games and the most up-to-date, high level of technology.


Our activities are based in several countries such as Dubai, Turkey, Iraq, India with individual offices, professional staff and teams. With the most up-to-date technologies and video games and skillful graphic team, we have been able to get perfect feedback in our media. In media Lidoma has gained more than 1M impressions from its target market by running tournaments and gaming services to be added to its record. In addition we have a bright,good activity in our shop that we are working physical and digital on it, therefore people are able to eliminate their gaming needs cinch.

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